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Our Vision.


Water treatment is something that will be around forever. This is something that we take a lot of pride in knowing that people are dependent to have running water constantly. We strive to keep water running for the people in a clean and punctual manner.

​Wastewater is something that is oftentimes taken for granted. People don't realize how much piping and traveling wastewater has to go through, and how it can impact pipes and manholes with the chemicals that are produced from it. Our vision with wastewater is that they never have to worry about that. Through our work on sewer systems, manholes, waste plants, etc., we will make sure that what we have worked on is up to date and the best that we can offer for waste technology in today's world.​

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SMICO Contracting

Our office is based out of Odessa, Missouri. However, we travel all around Missouri and to the surrounding states for work. Smico has been around since 1981 and takes pride in the way that we get stuff done. One of the things that we want to assure customers is how timely our projects will be done. A lot of the work that we do in water and wastewater is typically a pressing issue. We will take the necessary steps in order to make sure that whatever problem someone is having will have a solution in a timely manner.


We also take pride in our cleanliness and making sure that job is done right. We want to leave the job that we do with the site looking better and cleaner than when we came. Making sure that the job is done right goes right with this, we always check to make sure there are not any faults before we leave. Our job is to make sure the customer is satisfied and our work is perfect.

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