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Lift Station Rehab
Lift station2_edited.jpg

Lift station Rehabilitation is something that needs to be done in a timely manner as it can affect many different buildings or homes surrounding it if not done properly. We have years of experience in this field and know the importance of getting them done properly and timely. We can do anything from completely replacing the piping and pumps within the lift station, to lining it completely so that it adds tons of shelf life to the existing structure. We can also do any valve replacement needed or all of the above for one lift station

Water Treatment Repair
Water treatment plant.jpeg

Water is one of the things that is a basic need. Because of this the importance of water treatment is one of the highest priorities in today's world, and will continue to be that way for a long time. With this in mind we take our water treatment repair very seriously and take the necessary precautions in order to provide safe and clean water to communities.

Manhole Rehab
Manhole Rehab.jpeg

Manhole rehab is something that has been arising in the past few years. Lots of manholes that need rehabilitation are brick manholes that are just getting too old and starting to deteriorate. We can completely restore these manholes from the inside with our ML-72 Mortar. We have an attachment to help apply this mortar called a spincaster. The spin caster is very helpful because we can apply this stuff very evenly around the manhole in as little as five minutes. For manholes that see a lot of chemicals that could eat at the mortar over time we have an epoxy solution that will seal the mortar underneath of it and can be applied right after the mortar.

Wastewater Treatment Repair
Wastewater Clarifier.jpeg

If you need any treatment plant repairs we are the ones you want to contact. There have been multiple jobs that need to get done quickly for the plant to keep running and we get them done promptly. Waste water plants are a necessary hidden feature among communities that most people don't even know exist. Without them, however, communities would be in shambles. With this in mind we want to work and make sure these wastewater treatment plants don't miss a beat. Whether its clarifier issues, piping issues, blower problems, valve malfunctions, etc., We can get it done the right way.

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